Dachshund Hero Sacrifices Life Protecting Men From Bear Attack

Bravery occasionally comes in the smallest, most unforeseen of packages. In the Michigan woods, last year in October, braveness came in the form of a 4 lbs. Dachshund.

Two men most likely owe their lives to a brave little black and tan mini dachshund named Bradley after they unintentionally surprised a 400 lb. mother bear, with two cubs, in the forest.

The bear responded as any surprised, protective mother would. She stared at the men, prepared to protect her young ones. The scenario was serious and incredibly risky. There were no good options; the bear was going to come for them. Bradley, however, did not even think twice. He flew off and took on the mama bear.

“I think when Brad saw [the bear], he did what he would normally do, jumped right off it and went at it,” Force said. “I wouldn’t have ran after that bear with a knife as big as I am, and little Brad – 4, 5 pounds – he don’t have a filter for fear.”

The bear and the dog scuffled. The bear grabbed Bradley and threw him, however Bradley came ripping back for more. According to Force’s friend, Mike Hodges, the bear then “grabbed him up and took off running through the woods with two other bears following ‘em.”

In some manner little Bradley got away and made it back to the two men. He was severely hurt, however. His human friends rushed him to an animal hospital, however Brad was too grievously injured. He died an hour later.

Force is convinced his little dog saved his friends’ lives.

RIP, little warrior. You did well.

Source: care2.com

Wiener 500 Dachshund Dash for Charity

Friends, do you need more videos of dachshunds making a run for it, for charity?

Of course, you do! Doxies running are always cute and adorable!

The 2nd annual Wiener 500 Dachshund Dash for Charity took place in Washington last year in September. This is the most wonderful fundraiser organized by OnTap Magazine, in which cute doxies race across a very short green just blocks from the White House.


The event, which gets actually better by featuring a few weenie dogs festooned in costumes, benefits the Washington Humane Society, financially and emotionally!

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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