Paralyzed Dachshund Walks Again

Trace, a 9-year-old Dachshund, had back surgery following a disc prolapse and his owners brought him to Cold River Veterinary Center for Dr. Kruesi’s help with post-surgery rehab.

The “Before” footage was taken 3 months after the surgery. At this appointment Dr. Kruesi gave Trace a chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, injections at acupuncture points with a homeopathic and he employed a topical liquid to improve circulation. Trace’s mom and dad carried on the topical treatment at home along with appropriate nutritional supplements.

The “After” footage was taken 6 weeks following Trace’s first post-surgical rehabilitation visit. When this video was taken Trace had received: 2 chiropractic treatments (including physical therapy), 2 sets of injections at acupuncture points, at home treatment with a topical liquid and proper nutritional supplementation. Trace is a fun pup with a wonderful attitude and it certainly shows in this video!

Ladies Wiener Party

Crusoe, the Dachshund, likes to party!

Here he is in the “Playboy Mansion”, that he rented for the day, with some homeboys and…

…of course some pretty Dachshund ladies!

What an awesome party!

At Your Service!

Dachshund are TV stars…

They’ve had appearances in funny commercial over the years…

Here it’s a 2007 Heinz Ketchup commercial entitled “At Your Service!”

Lunch just isn’t complete without Heinz Ketchup and a loyal friend.

Miami Beach Dachshund Party 2014

The 12th annual South Bach Dachshund Winterfest took place on January 25, 2014.

The most beautiful breed in a gorgeous place where it’s Summer in the middle of Winter!

All these Dachshunds, as their human counterparts, loved partying in South Beach.

Cute Dachshund Puppy Destroys Home

Lucy, a 8-month-old Dachshund Pup, will be a redecorating professional when she grows up…

Within just a couple hours she decorated the house…

…with a 5 gallon bucket of puppy food!

But she wasn’t happy with the decoration…

So, she also decided to eat her dog bed!

Master of Impersonation

Crusoe, the Dachshund, was named after Robinson Crusoe for his exceptional sense of adventure!

But besides being adventurous he has also another awesome skill…

He’s the master of impersonation.

Here it is Crusoe impersonating a few of his favorite characters:

Dachshund Teaches Baby How to Play Fetch

Daks, the Dachshund, is trying his best to teach his little buddy one of the most important activities in life…

His determination to teach the baby to play fetch is truly amazing.

It is just remarkable exactly how Daks teaches him one his favorite game.


Kayaking With Dachshunds

Here’s another awesome video of Crusoe and Oakley!

This time they go on a kayaking trip!

The two adorable Dachshunds pick out which kayaks they would like to command… but this always eventually ends up changing as soon as they start jumping to other kayaks or falling off and being picked up by someone else…

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