Dachshund vs Inflatable Shark

Good sense would say that this Dachshund’s efforts to take an inflatable shark into his pet carrier lair are useless and unnecessary. The shark is bigger than the dog ever could dream to be and there appears to be no chance they can exist inside the same space.

However does that stop the little wiener dog? No way! He keeps at it, almost comically at one point. And with a little determination, the persistent dog is victorious.

This is a reminder to all that you should never give up on the things you really want in life!

Source: uproxx.com

Cutest Mini Dachshund Puppy

Meet Ellie, the Dachshund puppy!

This 8-week-old pup is probably the cutest puppy in the world.

Here’s some footage of a day in the life of cute Ellie.

She’s so tiny however has such a huge personality!

Dachshund Impossible Escape

A Dachshund is caught on camera by his owner as it shinnies up a fence in his backyard.

This Dachshund must have seen some episodes of Prison Break series, to try such an elaborate escape.

Must see this hilarious escape!

Dachshund Water Race

People frequently question if their short legged Dachshunds can swim. The answer is yes Dachshunds can swim but they can also sink!

Actually quite a few Dachshunds love to dive into water and swim however owners need to ensure they are keeping a very close eye on their swimming Dachshund because unlike us they are unable to reach the bottom of most pools.

Here’s a very funny video… The Dachshund “500” Water Race! Watch 5 mini Dachshunds enjoying a very competitive day in the pool:

Freaky Dog Nightmare!

This cute Mini Dachshund is having a nightmare…

His eyes roll around in a crazy way as he whines in his sleep.

The poor baby had a rough day…

Maybe because his girlfriend, the cat, got tired of playing and bit him… The purple thing on his ear it’s a Band-Aid.

Dachshund Sad Song

This Dachshund is singing a sad song about…

…a delicious meal, which recently ended and will not soon again…

…a long rainy walk… that it’s not necessary!

He just flows into the mood of the evening.

Liz Lemon Helps Penny Relax

Penny, the Dachshund, is very excited…

She wants to play with her friend Liz Lemon, the Cat!

But it’s time for a nap…

So Liz Lemon helps Penny calm down.

They are adorable!

Mini Wirehaired Dachshund Puppies

AKC visited Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund breeders Travis Wright and Johnny Hagerman to talk about…

…their experiences as breeders and their love of dogs!

Learn about Mini Wirehaired Dachshunds and meet the 5 cute puppies in the litter, Peggy, Norma Rae, Miss Priss, Olivia, and Luther!

Dachshund Harlem Shake

Meet Ammo, the Dachshund…

Here he is dancing the Harlem Shake in his super hero outfit!

He just can’t resist… and has to dance the Harlem Shake and the result is hilarious!

We simply can’t get enough of this little dog’s moves!

Dachshunds on a Treadmill

These 3 Dachshunds love to run on a treadmill… This has happened almost naturally!

The owner tells: ‘I was using the treadmill when one of them started jumping on it with me, then the second one did.’

‘I kept trying to push them off but eventually let them walk with me on it. After a while when I finished walking the 2 dogs kept walking without me. The third one finally gave it a try after watching his pack members.’ She adds.

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