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These photos will certainly put a big smile on your face.

Lilica is a proud Dachshund momma who loves to show off her little furry puppies.

Ana Paula Grillo, a Brazilian photographer, introduced Lilica’s babies to the world through these adorable pictures.

Ana Paula Grilo

This furry mommy proudly posed with her babies as they wereย sleeping in a basket. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ana Paula Grilo

Ana Paula Grilo

Lilica is an amazingย mom,ย  she is doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies.

How cute are these pictures on a scale from 1 to 10?

Dachshund versus Insect

This Dachshund finds a cockchafer for the first time…

She decides to take a closer look at that big beetle.

Look at her jumping up and down and back and forth in all her curiosity and excitement.

Does your dog like insects?

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Mass Walk In London

Over 1,000 Dachshunds participated in the third edition of the Sausage Walk London!

This event is an opportunity for Dachshund owners walk their dogs.

It was very funny despite the cold weather and snow.

How many Dachshunds do you have in life?

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