Blind & Senior Dachshund

Muneca was a lonely and scared Dachshund since the day her owner abandoned her.

A shelter volunteer named Elaine Seamans was the first person to really show LOVE to this the tiny and fragile dog.

John Hwang

Muneca cuddled up close to Elaine’s beating heart and wrapped herself in the safety of her arms. The photographer John Hwang arrived at the shelter and took this magical photo showing the beauty of shelter pets.

John Hwang

This is a happy ending for Muneca. She found a wonderful, loving home in which to live her last days with a beautiful and loving furrever family.

How lucky is this dog?

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Dachshund Helps Heal His Dad’s Broken Heart

Morpheus is obsessed with his dad and his dad thinks he’s also pretty great.

“He’s just very, very handsome fella of course” says Patrick Glavieux, Morpheus’ dad.

They go everywhere together. When they go hiking, Morpheus loves the backpack. He seems to stay very calm inside the backpack with his head out exploring the world.

Morpheus always wants his dad’s 100% attention. Even when Patrick is playing PlayStation Morpheus is right there on his lap.

But Patrick is so grateful because Morpheus helped him heal a broken heart. Patrick had lost his first dog Trinity and he was devastated.

“That took a little while for that to get over. But then I think I just realized that I needed another dog. When I saw pictures of him, I pretty much fell in love with him.” says Patrick.

But there’s one thing Morpheus loves as much as his dad: food!

He loves chicken and carrots… Well, it appears that he doesn’t love the broccoli so much.

But he has one absolute favorite food… He just loves the cheese.

He even recognizes the sound of the cheese wrapper. When he hears it, he comes running!

Instagram: @morpheus_the_mixedeyed_dapple

He’s generally always very happy. He’s never sour.

And Patrick is happy too, now that he has Morpheus in his life.

Epic name, epic dog.

“I didn’t realize as much that I had something missing when I lost my other dog. His unconditional love… He filled a big hole. He means everything to me.” says Patrick.

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Your daily Puppy Dose

These photos will certainly put a big smile on your face.

Lilica is a proud Dachshund momma who loves to show off her little furry puppies.

Ana Paula Grillo, a Brazilian photographer, introduced Lilica’s babies to the world through these adorable pictures.

Ana Paula Grilo

This furry mommy proudly posed with her babies as they were sleeping in a basket. 🙂

Ana Paula Grilo

Ana Paula Grilo

Lilica is an amazing mom,  she is doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies.

How cute are these pictures on a scale from 1 to 10?

O.J. & Dozer

O.J. is a blind Dachshund.

He has his private “guide dog” named Dozer…

They finally found a forever home! 🙂

Do you have a rescue dog?

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Everyone Say Cheese

This video will put a smile on your face.

Dachshunds, bunnies, and chicks… What else?

Dachshunds rule. 🙂

Does your dog like other animals?

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Dachshund versus Insect

This Dachshund finds a cockchafer for the first time…

She decides to take a closer look at that big beetle.

Look at her jumping up and down and back and forth in all her curiosity and excitement.

Does your dog like insects?

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The DoggoRamp is an adjustable, lightweight, and sturdy ramp helping small dogs get onto and off beds easily and safely.

Crusoe is a big fan! 🙂

Do you need one?

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Dachshund & Newborn Kittens

Lilly the Dachshund is very curious about these little creatures in her mommy’s bed.

She is meeting her new kitten friends for the first time. 🙂


Does your Doxie like kittens?

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Take Your Dog To Work Day

Crusoe is a very well behaved dog.

Today he went with his owner to work…

Check out what happens when you bring a dog to work day. 🙂

How cute is this video on a scale from 1-10?

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Silly Pup vs. Mirror

Sherman the Miniature Dachshund is just being silly!

He’s trying to make contact with his mirror reflection…


How cute is this pup on a scale from 1-10?

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