It’s Puppy Time

Dachshunds are adorable babies…

They are tiny little bubbles of love. 🙂

Check out this cutte furry puppies.

How many Doxies do you ahve in life?

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Sausage Walk

Doxies are just the cutest thing ever.

Dachshunds travel from all over the UK to come together in the Smithfield Market to parade through London in a ‘Sausage Walk.’

Those short legs are just TOO ADORABLE!

Does your dog go along with other dogs?

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The Chronicles of Oakley

Oakley is a tinny little Dachshund.

This video includes adorable moments from his day to day life, from 9,5 to 12 weeks.

Check out the Chronicles of Oakley.


How old is your Doxie?

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Dachshund Love

Dachshunds are silly, messy and adorable dogs.

They know how to put a smile on your face every day!

They love adventure and surprise you in all occasions.


Is yours this silly?

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Things Only Dachshund People Understand

Are you a Dachshund owner?

If you’re a pup parent to a Doxie, you’ll relate!

This dog breed is the best breed ever… They fulfill our days with furry love and smiles.


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Self-Confidence Boost

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most handsome Doxie of all?

Crusoe of course.

He is such a good looking boy. 🙂

Is yours this gorgeous?

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Wiener Dogs Are ADORABLE

This video will certainly make your day funnier.

Wiener dogs are always ready to make you smile!

Dachshunds RULE. 🙂

Why are wiener dogs so adorable and funny?

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Come Play With Me

Mr. Pepper is using advanced Dachshund confuse-a-cat tactics!

There’s never a dull moment when he’s around.

We love Pepper and Margo And Patrick… 🙂

How come Mr. Pepper is not dizzy after all that running around?

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Doxie Motherhood

Puppy photoshoots are trendy. Dog moms love their little furry babies just like all mommies.

Belinda Sol styled and shot a Doxie mom named Mia the same way she shoots her human clients.

The photo shoot started with a picture of the pregnant mother.

Belinda Sol Photography

The babies are finally born… Six adorable little puppies each wearing an adorable bonnet. You will certainly fall in love with the sweet little family.

Belinda Sol Photography

The crocheted caps custom-made for the little babies, made by o Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe, are the cutest thing you will ever see.

Belinda Sol Photography


Maternity photo shoots for pets are becoming more popular.  Did these photos inspire you?

Belinda Sol Photography did an amazing job capturing the joy of motherhood for this furry family.


Pit Bull & Dachshunds

Adorable Max has a special bond with his amazing family!

Max the Pit Bull was raised by six Dachshund siblings.

It seems Max truly believes he’s a Doxie too.

Max and his six Sausage dog friends are one big happy family. 🙂

Does your Dachshund like other dogs?

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