Doxie Motherhood

Puppy photoshoots are trendy. Dog moms love their little furry babies just like all mommies.

Belinda Sol styled and shot a Doxie mom named Mia the same way she shoots her human clients.

The photo shoot started with a picture of the pregnant mother.

Belinda Sol Photography

The babies are finally born… Six adorable little puppies each wearing an adorable bonnet. You will certainly fall in love with the sweet little family.

Belinda Sol Photography

The crocheted caps custom-made for the little babies, made by o Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe, are the cutest thing you will ever see.

Belinda Sol Photography


Maternity photo shoots for pets are becoming more popular.  Did these photos inspire you?

Belinda Sol Photography did an amazing job capturing the joy of motherhood for this furry family.


Pit Bull & Dachshunds

Adorable Max has a special bond with his amazing family!

Max the Pit Bull was raised by six Dachshund siblings.

It seems Max truly believes he’s a Doxie too.

Max and his six Sausage dog friends are one big happy family. 🙂

Does your Dachshund like other dogs?

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Blind & Senior Dachshund

Muneca was a lonely and scared Dachshund since the day her owner abandoned her.

A shelter volunteer named Elaine Seamans was the first person to really show LOVE to this the tiny and fragile dog.

John Hwang

Muneca cuddled up close to Elaine’s beating heart and wrapped herself in the safety of her arms. The photographer John Hwang arrived at the shelter and took this magical photo showing the beauty of shelter pets.

John Hwang

This is a happy ending for Muneca. She found a wonderful, loving home in which to live her last days with a beautiful and loving furrever family.

How lucky is this dog?

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Dachshund Helps Heal His Dad’s Broken Heart

Morpheus is obsessed with his dad and his dad thinks he’s also pretty great.

“He’s just very, very handsome fella of course” says Patrick Glavieux, Morpheus’ dad.

They go everywhere together. When they go hiking, Morpheus loves the backpack. He seems to stay very calm inside the backpack with his head out exploring the world.

Morpheus always wants his dad’s 100% attention. Even when Patrick is playing PlayStation Morpheus is right there on his lap.

But Patrick is so grateful because Morpheus helped him heal a broken heart. Patrick had lost his first dog Trinity and he was devastated.

“That took a little while for that to get over. But then I think I just realized that I needed another dog. When I saw pictures of him, I pretty much fell in love with him.” says Patrick.

But there’s one thing Morpheus loves as much as his dad: food!

He loves chicken and carrots… Well, it appears that he doesn’t love the broccoli so much.

But he has one absolute favorite food… He just loves the cheese.

He even recognizes the sound of the cheese wrapper. When he hears it, he comes running!

Instagram: @morpheus_the_mixedeyed_dapple

He’s generally always very happy. He’s never sour.

And Patrick is happy too, now that he has Morpheus in his life.

Epic name, epic dog.

“I didn’t realize as much that I had something missing when I lost my other dog. His unconditional love… He filled a big hole. He means everything to me.” says Patrick.


Morpheus Instagram:


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