Crusoe and Oakley, the Exploring Dachshunds

Crusoe and Oakley are experts in exploring… Here are their advice for other dogs:

– Watch & listen… carefully!
-Take aim… fire!
– Try to keep up
– Inspect every tree
– Use logs to your advantage
– Regroup often
– Don’t give up

More tips:

– Kick it into high gear
– Stealth is in the underground
– Don’t drink dirty puddle water!!
– Ambush critter holes
– Remove roots in the way of your mission
– Know no boundaries
– Refuel with blueberries
– Restore ears to factory settings
– Don’t forget your paws signals
– Work on your hops
– Triple check holes
– Don’t be afraid to get dirty
– Stop to enjoy the view
– Eat some grass
– “Hops” are handy for tall grass
– Play some fetch
– And when in doubt… pee on it!

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