Dachshund Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans: Science Backs It Up!

Dachshunds and humans can really get very attached to each other. However, most of the time, humans get more attached to their Dachshunds than their friends or family.

There are strong scientific pieces of evidence that people are more attached to their pet Dachshunds than other people.

Moreover, there has even been scientific research to back this up.

Dachshund Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans; and Science Backs It Up

Would you find it surprising if Dachshund owners love their Dachshund puppies or dogs more than other human companions? A study has been conducted by the researchers from the Northwestern University of Colorado to find out if Dachshund owners love their dogs more than other humans.

The study consisted of 260 student participants that were presented with fake news about a beaten adult human and Dachshund. This study was used to measure the empathy of people towards either the Dachshund or the human. But, in this study, it was determined that the participants were more empathetic with the dog.

Another study backs up the claim that humans are more empathetic with the Dachshund rather than other humans. Moreover, it was also determined in this study that humans were more empathetic with victims that are Dachshund puppies, dogs, and human babies. It was also observed that women were generally more empathetic than men.

There are scientific pieces of evidence that humans can really love their Dachshunds more than their human companions. Furthermore, humans are more willing to spend on the pet needs of their Dachshunds than to spend their money on treating other human friends. Pet owners are more willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Dachshund pet supplies than to treat their human friends for meals or coffee.

On top of that, people are more likely to spend time with their Dachshunds than with other people. Even though the real reason behind it isn’t the same for everyone, it might be safe to say that dogs present a lot less drama and a lot more attention. This is often how Dachshunds provide unconditional love.

Humans usually consider their Dachshunds as a part of their family and not just family dogs. That is probably the reason why they are very attached to them. Moreover, the term fur baby may seem to be more appropriate for Dachshunds that are being cared for by humans that love them more than anything or anyone else.