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The Skateboarding Dachshund

Meet Sachi, the Dachshund! This cute wiener dog likes to ride on the skateboard… As soon as her owner puts the skateboard down she jumps right on it. Watch & Enjoy:


Cute Doxie Gets Stuck in a Sweater

You really need to be careful anytime you are doing laundry… You’ll never know what you may discover hiding in your clothing! Oscar’s owner found him stuck in a sweater. Watch the video:


Excited Doxie Puppy Welcomes His Dad

If you’re a Dog owner you know that there’s no better feeling than coming home and get your pup’s unconditional love and affection… Right? Here’s an adorable 4-month-old mini short-haired Dachshund, named Vuchko, excited to see his daddy home from work!! Adorable!


Beans Reacts to The Sad Song

Remember the Dachshund Sad Song that you’ve posted a few days ago? Beans, the Dachshund, also watched the Sad Song… …and his reaction is so adorable and cute! Watch it here: Watch the Dachshund sad song here:


Mini Dachshund Welcomes Soldier Home

A Soldier comes back home from deployment and the dog’s reaction is amazing! It’s so lovely to see such a warm welcome! This cute dachshund missed daddy a lot… Watch the video:


Freaky Dog Nightmare!

This cute Mini Dachshund is having a nightmare… His eyes roll around in a crazy way as he whines in his sleep. The poor baby had a rough day… Maybe because his girlfriend, the cat, got tired of playing and bit him… The purple thing on his ear it’s a Band-Aid.


Liz Lemon Helps Penny Relax

Penny, the Dachshund, is very excited… She wants to play with her friend Liz Lemon, the Cat! But it’s time for a nap… So Liz Lemon helps Penny calm down. They are adorable!

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