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Cute Doxie Gets Stuck in a Sweater

You really need to be careful anytime you are doing laundry… You’ll never know what you may discover hiding in your clothing! Oscar’s owner found him stuck in a sweater. Watch the video:


Excited Doxie Puppy Welcomes His Dad

If you’re a Dog owner you know that there’s no better feeling than coming home and get your pup’s unconditional love and affection… Right? Here’s an adorable 4-month-old mini short-haired Dachshund, named Vuchko, excited to see his daddy home from work!! Adorable!


Beans Reacts to The Sad Song

Remember the Dachshund Sad Song that you’ve posted a few days ago? Beans, the Dachshund, also watched the Sad Song… …and his reaction is so adorable and cute! Watch it here: Watch the Dachshund sad song here: //


Mini Dachshund Welcomes Soldier Home

A Soldier comes back home from deployment and the dog’s reaction is amazing! It’s so lovely to see such a warm welcome! This cute dachshund missed daddy a lot… Watch the video:


Freaky Dog Nightmare!

This cute Mini Dachshund is having a nightmare… His eyes roll around in a crazy way as he whines in his sleep. The poor baby had a rough day… Maybe because his girlfriend, the cat, got tired of playing and bit him… The purple thing on his ear it’s a Band-Aid.


Liz Lemon Helps Penny Relax

Penny, the Dachshund, is very excited… She wants to play with her friend Liz Lemon, the Cat! But it’s time for a nap… So Liz Lemon helps Penny calm down. They are adorable!

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