How to Reduce Stress According to Science: Own a Dachshund

Owning a Dachshund may help reduce your stress levels. However, did you know that your Dachshund may also prolong your life and may also help you prevent certain diseases? There are scientific pieces of evidence to back this up. Let’s find out in this article.

How Dachshunds can reduce their owner’s stress levels

Stress can negatively impact your health. However, if you own a Dachshund, your dog may help you combat the negative effects of stress on your health. Moreover, this is not just a claim to make the breed popular. There are some scientific pieces of evidence to back it up.

In general, owning dogs is attributed to an increased feeling of happiness. Besides, dogs can really give you a lot of joy. People living alone may greatly benefit from the companionship that a Dachshund can bring.

Dachshunds can uplift your mood with their big personalities and spunkiness. Moreover, the risks for life-threatening diseases might be reduced by owning a Dachshund since they can alleviate your stress levels by lowering the “stress hormone” cortisol which is also linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in adults.

Lowering the stress hormone in your body is very beneficial for your health and it may even help you avoid certain diseases. However, cortisol is important for the fight and flight response of the body. But, elevated levels of cortisol might be risky for your health.

Elevated cortisol levels may increase your risk for the following health problems:

  • Headache
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Digestive problems
  • Insomnia

Scientific pieces of evidence that suggest Dachshund reduces their owner’s stress levels

A study conducted by the Journal of Vascular and Psychiatric Intervention in 2009 evaluated the quality of life of 4,000 participants. The participants were divided into two groups, mainly the Dachshund owners and the people who have never cared for a dog in their lives.

The lives of the participants were recorded in a course for 10 years. Moreover, their health was periodically checked while the cause of death of some participants was also evaluated. The results suggested that Dachshund owners may live longer when compared to their non-dog owner counterparts.

The study suggested that owning a Dachshund may reduce your risk for cardiovascular diseases and ultimately cardiac arrest. Also, this shows that owning a Dachshund may improve your overall quality of life. However, this study controlled other lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, obesity and blood sugar levels.

Dachshunds may reduce the risk of some serious health problems by up to 33.33%. Moreover, as you develop a bond with your dachshund, you are less likely to feel lonely. This also shows that your Dachshunds may help with your mental health, too.

Owning a Dachshund is beneficial for your physical and mental health. If you own a Dachshund, these are some additional benefits from your pet that you can enjoy. However, if you are still planning on getting a dog, there is no reason to pass on the Dachshund.

Dachshund Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans: Science Backs It Up!

Dachshunds and humans can really get very attached to each other. However, most of the time, humans get more attached to their Dachshunds than their friends or family.

There are strong scientific pieces of evidence that people are more attached to their pet Dachshunds than other people.

Moreover, there has even been scientific research to back this up.

Dachshund Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans; and Science Backs It Up

Would you find it surprising if Dachshund owners love their Dachshund puppies or dogs more than other human companions? A study has been conducted by the researchers from the Northwestern University of Colorado to find out if Dachshund owners love their dogs more than other humans.

The study consisted of 260 student participants that were presented with fake news about a beaten adult human and Dachshund. This study was used to measure the empathy of people towards either the Dachshund or the human. But, in this study, it was determined that the participants were more empathetic with the dog.

Another study backs up the claim that humans are more empathetic with the Dachshund rather than other humans. Moreover, it was also determined in this study that humans were more empathetic with victims that are Dachshund puppies, dogs, and human babies. It was also observed that women were generally more empathetic than men.

There are scientific pieces of evidence that humans can really love their Dachshunds more than their human companions. Furthermore, humans are more willing to spend on the pet needs of their Dachshunds than to spend their money on treating other human friends. Pet owners are more willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Dachshund pet supplies than to treat their human friends for meals or coffee.

On top of that, people are more likely to spend time with their Dachshunds than with other people. Even though the real reason behind it isn’t the same for everyone, it might be safe to say that dogs present a lot less drama and a lot more attention. This is often how Dachshunds provide unconditional love.

Humans usually consider their Dachshunds as a part of their family and not just family dogs. That is probably the reason why they are very attached to them. Moreover, the term fur baby may seem to be more appropriate for Dachshunds that are being cared for by humans that love them more than anything or anyone else.

Little Dipper

This Dachshund couldn’t walk…

But now he can take huge leaps off his family’s deck!

His name is Little Dipper and he is adorable. 🙂

How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10?

Watch & Comment:

To help support doxies like Dipper you can donate to Mile High Daschund Rescue: //

Too Cute to Be Real

Bath time is not so bad when you get the spa treatment. 🙂

Mr. Pepper is enjoying his bath time. 🙂

He’s lovely and very well behaved.

I bet he smells delicious!

Does your dog like bath time?

Watch & Enjoy:

Dachshund Puppies Are Adopted by a Capybara

Rodents may be adorable… Yup, that’s true! Even giant rodents… And they’re really good moms also.

The resident Capybara at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, who’s called Cheesecake, “adopted” a litter of dachshund pups. Exactly what is a Capybara? Well, it’s a really big guinea pig!

The Dachshund pups were abandoned… Somebody stuffed them in a plastic bin, closed the lid and dumped it behind a church.

Fortunately, a person at the facility turned them over to Rocky Ridge, where they frolic with Cheesecake on the reg.


Why Dachshunds Are Called Hotdogs

Cute Dachshund Fail!

When mom and dad listened to a whining noise they went to their bedroom and found out that their lovely little female Dachshund had gotten inside of one of their sweaters and gotten stuck in the sleeve!

Regardless of her sad face (…because she knew that she had been a bad girl…) this is so funny. And don’t worry because she was good and wasn’t hurt in any way!

Dachshunds so Excited With Bath Time

Usually dogs don’t get thrilled with the idea of bathing…

But these Dachsunds are so excited with it, that as soon as their owner lets them they run up the stairs and jump in the bathtub.

They really love bath time!

Take a look:

Cute Dachshund on Vacation

This awesome Dachshund is on vacation with his family!

After he gets up he goes for a swim…

After that he shows how intelligent he is by executing some hilarious tricks.

At last, after having a long trip with his boat Spithas goes to bed.

When Your Chick Won’t Let You Sleep

Loulou the Mini Dachshund is just TOO CUTE!

He loves other animals species.

Look at him with this cute chick. 🙂

It seems they are getting along very well.

Does your Dachshund go along with other animals?

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