Little Dipper

This Dachshund couldn’t walk…

But now he can take huge leaps off his family’s deck!

His name is Little Dipper and he is adorable. 🙂

How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10?

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Dachshund Puppies Are Adopted by a Capybara

Rodents may be adorable… Yup, that’s true! Even giant rodents… And they’re really good moms also.

The resident Capybara at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, who’s called Cheesecake, “adopted” a litter of dachshund pups. Exactly what is a Capybara? Well, it’s a really big guinea pig!

The Dachshund pups were abandoned… Somebody stuffed them in a plastic bin, closed the lid and dumped it behind a church.

Fortunately, a person at the facility turned them over to Rocky Ridge, where they frolic with Cheesecake on the reg.


It’s Time to Wake up Mom!

Dachshund puppies are amazing!

In this video this Doxie puppy woke up before mommy.

And that’s entirely unacceptable as Mom must wake up and feed the pup! 🙂

So, the puppy decides to wake her up… Adorable!

Dachshund Gets Stuck in a Sweater

Cute Dachshund Fail!

When mom and dad listened to a whining noise they went to their bedroom and found out that their lovely little female Dachshund had gotten inside of one of their sweaters and gotten stuck in the sleeve!

Regardless of her sad face (…because she knew that she had been a bad girl…) this is so funny. And don’t worry because she was good and wasn’t hurt in any way!

Dachshunds so Excited With Bath Time

Usually dogs don’t get thrilled with the idea of bathing…

But these Dachsunds are so excited with it, that as soon as their owner lets them they run up the stairs and jump in the bathtub.

They really love bath time!

Take a look:

Cute Dachshund on Vacation

This awesome Dachshund is on vacation with his family!

After he gets up he goes for a swim…

After that he shows how intelligent he is by executing some hilarious tricks.

At last, after having a long trip with his boat Spithas goes to bed.

Sausage Walk

Doxies are just the cutest thing ever.

Dachshunds travel from all over the UK to come together in the Smithfield Market to parade through London in a ‘Sausage Walk.’

Those short legs are just TOO ADORABLE!

Does your dog go along with other dogs?

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