1. My double dapple dachshund (with 1 blue & 1 brown eye) never smiles. He was a rescue dog and I think badly abused by a man before I adopted him. (He barks at all men including my 12 year old grandson). We all hold him and tll him how we love him. He sleeps with me, and watches over me when I work. But he is soo serious. I “snuffle” him and hold him close, but all he does in return is look at me very seriously.

    • Bless it’s little heart, VeNette! It’s been my experience with dachshunds that their little personalities seem to be set at an early age, and once set are very, very hard if not impossible to change. I’m so glad this little one is with a caring, loving, and compassionate person, who will love him properly for the rest of his little life. I have a little dachshund too. We call her our little cinnie-minnie.

  2. I have 3 long hair dachsunds, Oscar (Red) 9, Bridget. (Red) 7 , and Heidi (Black/tan) 4. Just love them. Had them all were they were 8 weeks old. All 3 sleep with us. They are also lab dogs.

  3. I know a couple that adopted and abused brindle Doxie. At first, he was very shy around them and other people, and didn’t really like to be held, and still doesn’t. It took about 2-2 1/2 years of patience, but Willie has come around, and is not the same scared little man he once was. He’s very affectionate, giving kisses, and allowing you to kuss him,-he would always pull his head away if you tried in the past. A good home with lots of good food and toys, and importantly PATIENCE, has brought Willie out of his shell, and he’s such a happy guy now!!