1. Loved loved loved this, what a cutie and so happy! The only part that worried me was the hay bail jumping. If you watch that slow motion move you will see him land hard front feet first. This is the exact move that can cause a blown disk. I would take him in for an MRI just to be safe, find out if his disks are ok before continuing this. If he is not a Doxie prone to IVDD then no problem!

  2. The video did not work for me. All I saw was a green screen. The sound worked just fine.

  3. I laughed so hard at this. The music makes it motivating and to
    watch those little feet moving was so cute. Much of what made this video so darned cute was the editing. Getting down to the dogs level and taping made him look like was a mean machine.He maybe walked over a few bales but he sure did not run. It was movie magic.