Crusoe in Paris

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund travels to Paris France. He travels in for discovery and to indulge in the local ways of life, like cheese picnics and carrying your baguettes home! He just looks perfect with his french outfit. Does your dog like to travel?

Wiener Dog Minions

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and his brother Oakley are having some fun together…. They are playing a hilarious game of fetch in their new Minions outfits! SO FUNNY. Do you dress your dog? Watch & Laugh:

Vacations in Italy

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund travels to Cinque Terre, Italy. He explores some of the beautiful coastline while hiking and taking boat tours, as well as sampling some local gelato… Crusoe is having relaxing and pleasant vacations! Does your dog like summer time?

Jurassic Weenie

The most anticipated movie ever has been launched… Jurassic Weenie “Hold onto your mutts” T-Rex ain’t got nothing on these fierce and ferocious creatures! Here’s the exclusive new trailer for Jurassic Weenie… Both cute and terrifying!

Dog Shaming

Lokey the Dachshund is in serious trouble… While he was home alone… he got into the garbage and spread it through the house… Look at his regretful face… And his little tail saying “I’m sorry!”… Is yours a naughty dog? Watch & Comment:

Cute Sleepy Puppy

Meatball is on the fluffy blanket in the “forbidden couch”… This little Dachshund is having a wonderful day. A perfect spot in the sun calls for a well needed yawn. Meatball is so sweet… How many hours per day does your pup sleep? Watch & Smile:

First Playtime Outside

Honey the Dachshund is an amazing mommy… Her puppies are just adorable… They are so cute walking around the garden with their little legs… This is their first time outside! How cute are these puppies on a scale from 1-10?

Surf Dog

Coppertone the Dachshund is unleashing her new surfing career… She is the first Dachshund in history to become a champion surfer! This new and uprising “Star” of surfing won Best “GROMUTT” of 2014. Does your dog like to go to the beach?

Bath & Play Time

Iso the Dachshund and Rusty are best friends… They are getting a bath outside in the kiddie pool… Then, while drying off they jump around and play on the bed… SO CUTE! Does your Doxie like bathing? Watch & Enjoy: