Dog On Wheels (1951)

Here’s a vintage video of a Dachshund pup on wheels. This was shot in 1951. The video shows the paralyzed pug moving around thanks to a set of wheels attached to his hind quarters. The dog seems very happy and active despite only having use of two legs!

Lots of Encouragement

Obie went through an amazing weight loss journey losing more than 50 pounds! Following 2 years of a rigid weight-loss diet, Obie now weighs only 23 pounds. In the early stages of his weigh loss program his buddy Nog was there to give him lots of encouragement! More about Obie:

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Happy Birthday Frankie! It was just a year ago this November that Frankie came to live with mom. The vet said that Frankie might not live, and mom knew he needed someone who would have the time to give him special care… So mom threw this party for Frankie to thank him for all the […]