Tasty Carrots

Sammy and Ralph the Dachshunds love veggies… They are enjoying a mid-day snack: Carrots! They are considered by many to be the best carrot-eating Dachshunds ever filmed. Does your dog like veggies? Watch & Comment:

Baby Doxies

Are you feeling blue today? Here is something that will make your day happier and sweeter… Dachshund tiny puppies sleeping and playing! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! How old is your dog? Watch & Be happy:

Doxie Tricks

Eli is a miniature longhair Dachshund. Eli’s owners have been working on her basic obedience and tricks. This video shows almost all her tricks and commands. In 6 months she learned over 40 commands. She is at the best time of her life, full of energy, willing to learn and eager to please. What is […]