Doxie Tale

Inspired by the classic story, Red Riding Hood, this is an original production using dogs and children’s voices. Two ADORABLE long haired mini doxies (Oliver and Solomon) inspire their Mom to write an original film based on a classic fairytale. Costarring their family Collie (Maestro) and their senior sheltie (Kiesa) A Doxie Tale has been […]

Stealing Flip Flop

This miniature Dachshund is being naughty… He steals his owner’s flip flop. Still… He’s just being cute! 🙂 Does your pup do the same thing? Watch & Comment: Source: Sausage Dog steals Flip Flop by my_little_sausage on Rumble

Cute Head Tilts

This little Dachshund is just too cute… She is completely surprised by the noises she’s hearing! Look at her precious head tilts. 🙂 What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Smile: Source: Confused dachshund head tilts to strange sounds by winstonandmaya on Rumble