Doxie Walks Bigger Dog

Doxies have a whole lot of personality into a tiny little body. This little Doxie is walking a bigger dog at the dog park… They are just having a good time together. Describe your Doxie’s personality in one word. Watch & Comment:

Doxie Goes Shopping

This little Doxie goes shopping for the first time. He is just like a kid… He puts everything that he likes in the grocery cart… And it is getting too heavy… It is mom’s turn to push! What makes your dog happy? Watch it here:

Welcome Home

Meatball the Dachshund is a naughty boy… He had a paper party while his owner was at work… Look at his guilty eyes… Meatball is just too CUTE even when he is a bad boy. Is yours a naughty dog? Watch & Smile:

Crusoe & His Rubber Chicken

Crusoe the mini Dachshund has lots of toys and he loves to run around the house with them… He loves playing with his little rubber chicken… SO CUTE… Here he is running with the toy in his mouth! What is your dog’s favorite toy? Watch & Enjoy:

Holiday to Florida

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is back with another adventure! This time he takes a holiday to Florida, staying in Homosassa, Key Largo, Key West, and Miami visiting all the dog-friendly attractions and home exchanges along the way. Does your dog go with you on holiday trips?

Walking With Dachshund

Pepper the Dachshund and his best friends Margo and Vince are having lots of fun outdoors. Their owner took them for a walk in the countryside…. It is time to party after winter hibernation. The dogs are just SO HAPPY! How many dogs do you have? 1, 2 or more? Watch & Enjoy:

St. Bernard vs. Dachshund

This Dachshund is playing Tug of War with his St. Bernard buddy… The St. Bernard is very good with not being too rough… He is gently pulling the toy.. He doesn’t want to hurt his little friend… At the end, the winner is: The DOXIE! Does your dog have a “giant” friend? Watch & Comment:

Tiny Puppies

Do you need to relax? Here is something that will make your heart rate drops… These little Dachshund puppies are the cutest babies ever. They are nursing and sleeping like all babies do… And of course, their mommy his always taking care of them. How cute are these dogs on a scale from 1-10? Watch […]