Trying Out Costumes

Irvington the Doxie is trying out various costumes… As you can tell he REALLY doesn’t like it. His owners reward him with treats though… So he can handle it. He looks amazing in all of them… He is trying banana split, hot dog and unicorn costumes…. When he’s wearing a costume he shuts up and […]

Dachshund & Dolphin

Gracie the Dachshund is a very brave dog and she loves water… She was kayaking with her owner to see the dolphins… Suddenly she jumps to the water after a dolphin. She swam back to the boat after! Does your dog like to swim? (this video contains a curse word at the end)

Tasty Carrots

Sammy and Ralph the Dachshunds love veggies… They are enjoying a mid-day snack: Carrots! They are considered by many to be the best carrot-eating Dachshunds ever filmed. Does your dog like veggies? Watch & Comment:

Baby Doxies

Are you feeling blue today? Here is something that will make your day happier and sweeter… Dachshund tiny puppies sleeping and playing! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! How old is your dog? Watch & Be happy: