A Dachshund Day

Every one knows how “hard” a dog’s life is… Here’s a day in the life of a long-haired Dachshund… He wakes up and goes to the bathroom, eats breakfast, gets dressed, plays with friends and goes to the park… What a tiring day! Now, he is ready to go to sleep to prepare for another […]

Dog Catches Tail and Won’t Let It Go

This Dachshund is showing a strange behavior… He’s trying to catch his tail… Through hard work and perseverance, this dog has finally achieved his goal… Now he won’t let it go! The video also shows the pup turning around in circles with his tail firmly secured inside his mouth! What is this dog thinking?

Catch & Release

Matilda is a very curious Dachshund… She went for a walk to the pond and saw some fishes swimming at the border… Matilda decides to say hello to these little fellows! Is your Doxie a curious dog?

Family Photo

Taking family photos can be boring, but this well-dressed group of Dachshunds makes it look easy and fun… So ADORABLE looking at the camera and being still during one second… It is a fact… Dachshunds have trouble to be still and quiet for a long period of time! How many dogs do you have? 1, […]

Dog Minions ‘BA-NA-NA!’

Crusoe the Dachshund and his brother Oakley have a second round of fun dressed as the wiener dog minions… In this video, they are saying “BA-NA-NA” like the funny minions use to do… This will be the funniest 15 seconds of your day! Does your dog wear costumes?