Swimming Through Air

Meet Elly, a 13-week-old Dachshund puppy. It’s time for her first real bath. She’s not very comfortable with it… She immediately  decides to go for a swim… But the only problem was there was no water for her to do it. Poor pup!

Dachshund vs. Bug

Mr. Pepper, the Dachshund, is back with another adventure! This time he is facing a cruel artificial intelligence bug. The cat wants to help… but Pepper wants to take care of business alone! Who will survive?

Sweet Dachshund Puppies

Are you felling blue today? Here is something to brighten up your day! Puppies, puppies and puppies!!! We just can’t get enough of these sweet Dachshund babies! They are the cutest dogs ever. Do you remember when your Dachshund was a puppy? Watch and be happy: