Summer Fashion

Here are some Dachshunds having some fun in the sun… Just to remind you that it’s summer time… These dogs are having the best holidays ever… They are eating ice cream, running at the beach, swimming in the pool… They just look gorgeous with their bathing suits and colorful glasses and hats! Does your pooch […]

Dog Afraid of Package

This little black Dachshund is taking a walk at the park with his brother and his owners… He’s just walking, sniffing and having a good time… Until… A package comes in his way and scares him! And the poor thing runs into the lake… What is your dog afraid of? Watch & Comment:

Puppy Walks Older Dog

When you get older sometimes you need a little help from the younger ones… This 8-week-old Dachshund puppy walks his 12-year-old best friend… It seems the older dog doesn’t want to go that way… Exercise comes in many forms! Does your dog have an older buddy?

Sleepy Day

Lukas the wire haired Dachshund is taking a break and relaxing… It’s Friday afternoon and he’s just taking a nap… Lazy, lazy dog! Look how cute Lukas is while he’s sleeping… How many hours per day does your dog sleep? Watch & Smile:

Playing With a Sock

Lucy is a beautiful Dachshund girl… Her owner filmed her playing with a sock… Watch the video and see how Lucy is gorgeous… The final result of this shooting is very good! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Enjoy:

Dog Walk

This Dachshund is waiting for his owners… He’s getting a little impatient and he decides to go for a walk alone.. But not without his leash! Watch this gorgeous Dachshund running alone to find his owners and remind them that it’s time for his daily walk… How often do you walk your dog?