Playing on The Bed

Mr. Pepper’s owners allowed him to play on the bed… Watch him lose it the second he jumps up on the bed! It’s so fun that his best friend Margo joins him for playtime. 🙂 What makes your dog go crazy? Watch & Answer: Source: Dachshund goes nuts when allowed to play on the bed […]

Dogs vs. Toy

Dapple Dachshund Mr. Pepper and Adorable Dog Margo are playing with their favorite toy… This is another episode of the series “Dogs vs. Toys”, which is an endless battle without winners. All toys will be destroyed! 🙂 What is your dog’s favorite toy? Watch & Smile:

That Puppy Dog Eyes

Cosmo, this ADORABLE miniature Dachshund puppy is doing something sweet… He’s begging to have a taste of some human food… He uses a common strategy! Cosmo is looking at his owner with his big beautiful puppy eyes to show just how much he wants a taste. 🙂 Does your pup beg for food like this?