St. Bernard vs. Dachshund

This Dachshund is playing Tug of War with his St. Bernard buddy… The St. Bernard is very good with not being too rough… He is gently pulling the toy.. He doesn’t want to hurt his little friend… At the end, the winner is: The DOXIE! Does your dog have a “giant” friend? Watch & Comment:

Tiny Puppies

Do you need to relax? Here is something that will make your heart rate drops… These little Dachshund puppies are the cutest babies ever. They are nursing and sleeping like all babies do… And of course, their mommy his always taking care of them. How cute are these dogs on a scale from 1-10? Watch […]

Apple The Digging Puppy

Digging is in Dachshund’s deep nature… Apple the Dachshund puppy is trying really hard to listen to her master… but it is so hard to stop digging on the pillow… Look at his adorable guilty eyes… No one can resist to that! Does your dog always listen to you? Watch & Smile:

Stubborn Little Dachshund

Tyler is a cute little Dachshund puppy. He is having some fun with his owner on the couch… He is just a puppy, but he is already a bit stubborn like all Doxies. He looks like a baby wrapped in the blanket. Is your Dachshund stubborn?

Yummy Ears

Patrick the cat and Pepper the Dachshund are having a good time together. Peeper loves to lick Patrick’s ears and the cat seems to be enjoying it very much. SO FUNNY. Who is your dog best friend?

Kitten Meets Wiener Dog

This adorable kitten is getting to know her new Dachshund brother. The Doxie is adorable, so confused by the kitten, who obviously speaks another language. The cat is trying to introduce himself touching carefully in the dog’s nose… SO SWEET! Does your dog have a cat buddy?

The Dog That Loves to Fish

Crusoe the wiener dog loves fishing more than anything in the world. In this video he goes to the lake with his owner and, as always, he wears the perfect outfit for a fishing day! Definitely, this dog is a celebrity. What is your dog favorite outdoor activity?

Magic Clew

Pepper the Dachshund and Margo are at home in a rainy day… It seems Pepper prefers to play alone with the clew… Margo is a patient dog and he doesn’t get mad. He is always wagging his tail. Dachshunds can be bossy dogs! What is your Dachshund favorite toy?