Battery-Powered Dachshund

Madeline the Dachshund has a new toy… It’s a battery-powered Dachshund toy… She’s a little confused at first… But all she wants to do is run around and play with her new friend!:) What is your dog’s favorite toy? Watch & Smile: Source: Dachshund dog meets battery operated look-alike by JasonWheeler on Rumble

Doxie’s Freestyle

Gracie is a talented Dachshund… She already knows lots of tricks… So her owners decided to try something more challenging! Watch the video and see how cute and skilled is Gracie while she’s dancing… Look at her little bow. Does your Doxie dance like this?

Packing Toys

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is going to travel… He really loves his toys and he’s not able to stay away from them for a long time… In the video Crusoe is packing his bag… It seems he decided to take all his toys with him! Does your dog have a favorite toy?

Adventures of the Wiener Dog

Crusoe’s book entitled: Adventures of the Wiener Dog was officially released… Crusoe celebrates his book launch by showing the video of the book cover. He’s already taking off on tour across the US & Canada in search of new adventures! What’s your dog’s ultimate adventure? Where can you get the book? CLICK HERE!