Dog Pushes Drainpipe

Dachshunds are hunting dogs by nature. After a chipmunk goes into drain pipe, a Dachshund grabs the end of the pipe with his teeth and pushes it across the grass to try to hunt it! Fortunately the chipmunk escapes without a scratch…:) Does your Doxie have a hunting instinct?

Playing Hockey

Trying to have some fun in the snow, these Dachshund dogs and their owners play hockey. It seems they are having some fun on a sunny day with lots of snow! Does your Dachshund like to play hockey? Watch & Enjoy:

Food Falling From The Sky

Dakota the Dachshund is in heaven! Out of nowhere, food just started falling from the sky, so she does what any smart dog would do… She tries to eat it all. What would your Dachshund do if food started falling from the sky? Watch & Laugh: