Gunther & Hasselhoff

Meet Hasselhoff, a champion Dachshund, and Gunther, his trainer! They came from Germany to compete at the annual Buda Wiener Dog Races. Will he win? Watch this comedy about a man and his wiener dog:

Dachshund First Skydive

Meet Riley, a 4-year-old Dachshund. Riley’s owner has more than 400 jumps under his belt. So one day he decided he wanted to bring his canine friend along for a jump. A friend crafted a special harness and “doggles” for Riley, who is said to have “loved” the experience. Watch & enjoy Riley’s jump: Source: […]

Loving Frankie

Frankie’s owner LOVES him… …So she decided to make him a tribute. A wonderful upbeat song about how you can have most everything in the world and still not be happy if you don’t have love! She got a big dose of love the day her little rescue dog Frankie Dachshund walked into her life. […]

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Polish prankster SA Wardega dresses up his dog Chica as a mutant spider and scares the living daylights out of some unsuspecting passersby. The video has already more than 85 million view in YouTube. WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised! Watch it here: