Wiener Dog Song

Dachshunds are so awesome that they deserve a special song! Right? Here’s the original song that celebrates the enigmatic, beloved Dachshund. It also features video footage and adorable photos of wiener dogs in several poses. The song was written and performed by Yet Another String Band. If you want to sing along, here are the […]

Apple Eats an Apple

Apple, the Doxie, is hungry and she’s begging for some food… So, her dad gives her an Apple! Apple eating and apple? Is this cannibalism? No… It’s just freakin’ adorable! By the way apples are rich in potassium, fiber, phytonutrients, flavonoids and vitamin C, so they can be part of a dog’s diet!

Chewing a Bone

Apple, the Doxie, doesn’t like to be bothered while she’s chewing her bone. She really doesn’t like it when her bone chewing stance is critiqued. This is why she gives her dad so much eye sass.

Intelligence Experiment!?

A owner of two Dachshunds decided to make an experiment to see which one is more intelligent… So he puts the two dogs in a confined space with cans… One of the Doxies remains inside the confined space and the other immediately jumps out. Does this experiment make any sense? What is your opinion?